Hey, You Left Your Counterfeit Money Inside This Possibly Stolen Printer You’re Trying To Return!

It’s already pretty difficult to return an item without a receipt at many retailers, but when a guy left behind a sheet of counterfeit money in the printer he was trying to bring back to Walmart, police got wise that something was shady.

Police tell the Chippewa Herald in Wisconsin that a man was unsuccessful in his bid to return the printer without proof that he’d purchased it from that particular Walmart. He insisted on trying to return the printer even after staffers denied him. At some point, observers noticed the sheet of counterfeit money and the police attempted to arrest him.

While he reportedly was physically resisting arrest, cops say three more $100 counterfeit bills showed up on his person, and they learned he was wanted on burglary and armed robbery warrants already.

He was taken into custody on charges of attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest. And we’re pretty sure his funny money was taken, too.

Printer return sticks on counterfeit bills [Chippewa Herald]

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