My Virgin Mobile Phone Fails At Basic Phone Functions.



It doesn’t matter what Virgin Mobile tells Steve to do. It doesn’t fix his phone. Callers can’t reach him, text messages take hours to go through, and his phone generally fails at all of the normal functions of a phone. We’re pretty sure phones are supposed to do all of those things.

He wrote to us, explaining:

I have been having issues with them for at least six weeks. When I am home, it takes hours to send a text and hours to get a text. My calls typically do not go through and if someone calls me, it goes straight to voicemail. I inform VM of the issue via their facebook page, they assure me they are aware of an issue in my zip code and give me a time and date it will be corrected. The seemingly random time comes and goes and nothing changes. I have sent them a slew of emails, and they instruct me to reset my phone (I have a few times to no avail) and assure me all will be ok and I will get service credits once the issue is resolved.

The only escalated contact address we know of at Virgin Mobile is the same one that complainers on Facebook get. Should Steve have to deal with an imaginary phone indefinitely?

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