Picky Thieves Steal $19K Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies — All In Thin Mints & Shortbread

We’ve all got our favorite type of Girl Scout cookie, and it appears lowdown, dirty thieving scoundrels who would steal from the young scouts are no exception. Someone made off with almost $19,000 worth of cookies from a South Carolina warehouse — all of them either of the Thin Mints or Shortbread variety.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office is on the hunt for whoever boosted 450 cases of cookies — about 5,000 boxes — from a warehouse that helps store and distribute the cookies in the area. The company has played that role in bringing cookie joy to Girl Scout customers for 40 years, the owner tells the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

According to the owner, the cookies showed up at the warehouse on Feb. 15, but employees didn’t discover the theft until this week during inventory.

“We don’t think it was a break in,” he said. “The warehouse is very secure, with an alarm system and video (surveillance).”

One bright spot is that the Girl Scouts won’t lose any sales due to the theft, because the cookies in question were extra inventory. The warehouse won’t charge them for those missing cases.

“Someone who would do that to the Girl Scouts, it’s very disheartening,” the owner added. “I was very saddened. We’ve never had this issue before and our employees undergo background checks and drug tests. My great-grandfather started this company in 1907 and we don’t want anything to tarnish our reputation or the Girl Scouts.”

The director of public relations and advocacy for the Girl Scouts in that region says everything will go as planned in regards to cookie sales.

“We’re still business as usual,”she said. “We have plenty of cookies.” She wonders if the thief or thieves will sell the pilfered delights or just really, really likes Thin Mints and Shortbreads.

Someone else has plenty of cookies right about now, too. Whoever you are, you’re greedy. Just plain greedy.

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