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Winter slumbering in the open air, wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring… and of pitting big bad consumer-unfriendly businesses against each other in the Consumerist Worst Company In America Battledrome! [More]


JCPenney Pinning Its Hopes On The Guy Responsible For Marketing New Coke

JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson had a lot of explaining to do today during the company’s Q4 earnings call. The retailer has been circling the drain since the former Apple head honcho took over, losing billions in sales and admitting its turnaround tactics were not so smart. Which is why Johnson said he’s bringing on the guy behind New Coke to help the company rebound. Heck, why not? [More]

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February Food And Drug Recall Roundup – Antibiotic Pig Ear Edition

Chewy pig skins, chia seed treats, brownie mix, and herbal supplements that are a little too close to actual drugs: it’s all here, in the Food and Drug Edition of the Recall Roundup. [More]

In D.C., This Pepsi Machine Dispensed Malt Liquor

In D.C., This Pepsi Machine Dispensed Malt Liquor

Imagine a wonderful, magical world where you could walk up to a soda machine and buy a bottle of malt liquor. That paradise on earth (for the underage) briefly existed in the Trinidad neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Since the booze cost $3, more than at nearby retail outlets, its customer base were all either underage or had exceptionally poor math skills. [More]


Florida Man Claims He Shot At Walmart Shoplifter’s Car So Cops Could Find It Later

In New York City, subway riders are used to the phrase, “If you see something, say something.” The key word there being “say,” not “do.” That advice could apply to a number of situations, because while vigilante justice is a noble theme in comic books, police likely won’t approve if you open up fire on your fellow shopper for shoplifting. [More]

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4 Things That Make You Spend Too Much Money At The Grocery Store

Roaming the aisle of the grocery store can sometimes feel like walking around in a big money pit. Sure, everyone needs food to survive, but does it have to end up costing an arm and a leg every time you make a trip to stock up on your weekly necessities? If you’re walking out shaking your head and wondering how it all piles up, you can probably chalk it up to a few reasons. [More]


CBS Asks Consumerist To Change Headline On Kaley Cuoco/Dish Story

Earlier today, I posted a story about Dish Network’s allegations that CBS had made Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco remove a Tweet in favor of Dish’s ad-skipping Hopper DVR. Since then, I’ve received a request from CBS to change the headline on the post. [More]


In a world where plenty of people just continue to grumble and complain when there’s something they don’t like, it’s refreshing to know that there are enterprising minds out there willing to address life’s ills and actually do something about them. Case in point — a physicist who can’t stand the creme in Oreos. Instead of living with that snack imposition, he invented a machine to remove the stuff. [More]

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Amazon Payments Locks Me Out Of Account, Won’t Answer My Calls

Ray was looking for a job, but jobs are elusive things and hard to find where he lives. So he turned to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, a service where users can perform small tasks that can’t be automated in return for small amounts of money that eventually add up. [More]


All It Took To Get A Refund From eBay Was A Very Public Shaming

An eBay user bought a dress for her daughter, but what showed up was far from what had been advertised on the site. eBay now says it will refund the purchase, but not until after being called out by the local news. [More]


Bid Adieu To Chicken Selects As McDonald’s Makes Room On The Menu For Newer Items

If you’re a huge fan of McDonald’s Chicken Selects, you know, for when the four different shapes of McNuggets just won’t do, get your fill now while you can. The chain is cutting a few menu items, ostensibly to make way for newer fare it wants to roll out soon, like perhaps those wings we’ve heard about. [More]

Here's the Tweet that Dish claims CBS made Kaley Cuoco remove.

Dish Says CBS Made Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Delete Tweet About Hopper DVR


Picky Thieves Steal $19K Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies — All In Thin Mints & Shortbread

We’ve all got our favorite type of Girl Scout cookie, and it appears lowdown, dirty thieving scoundrels who would steal from the young scouts are no exception. Someone made off with almost $19,000 worth of cookies from a South Carolina warehouse — all of them either of the Thin Mints or Shortbread variety. [More]


Lawsuit: FedEx Accidentally Delivered Box Of Drugs To Me, Gave Intended Recipient My Address

A woman in Massachusetts is suing FedEx, alleging that the shipping company mistakenly delivered a box containing marijuana to her address, then proceeded to provide her name and address to the package’s intended recipient. [More]

Ask Tax Dad: Should I Hire A Tax Preparer? What If I Win The Lottery?

Ask Tax Dad: Should I Hire A Tax Preparer? What If I Win The Lottery?

Usually, our staff Certified Tax Cat handles questions about taxes, but he got into some really bad ‘nip and is taking the year off. Filling in for him is Laura’s dad, a retired accountant and real live independent tax preparer. Exclusively on Consumerist, Tax Dad answers your questions. [More]


Do People Go Gun Shopping With Zombies In Mind?

Between “The Walking Dead” and “Warm Bodies,” there’s a lot of zombie-related entertainment in the zeitgeist right now. But do people have a possible zombie apocalypse in mind when they’re looking for firearms to defend themselves in an emergency? Maybe. Sort of. Not really. [More]


You can come across all kinds of meal ideas on the Internet. For example, if Hamburger Helper isn’t your thing, tonight you could dine with any of Larry the Cable Guy’s mixes. He says we gotta try it, and maybe we will. Maybe. [as seen in the wild on Twitter]


Is Budweiser Really Watered Down? One Test Says Nah, Not So Much

We were shocked, simply shocked at claims made in a recent lawsuit that Budweiser and other Anheuser-Busch InBev brews are watered down and as such, not as strong as their advertised alcohol content. Those allegations are based on information the plaintiffs say they procured from AB InBev workers. But how about getting some scientists on the case, just for fun? [More]