Two Guests Who Drank Corpse Water Now Suing L.A. Hotel

The Cecil Hotel's water tanks.

The Cecil Hotel’s water tanks.

Last week, we shared the story of a Canadian tourist who disappeared and died under mysterious circumstances, then turned up dead in the water tank of the Los Angeles hotel where she was staying. The investigation into the 21-year-old’s disappearance and tragic death continues, but some former guests are being proactive and have already filed a lawsuit against the hotel.

Health officials concluded their tests on the water and found that there were no harmful bacteria in the tank or in water samples taken from various locations in the building. Guests and staff are, however, still on a do-not-drink order.

The guests, who stayed for two nights, claim that the hotel promised them clean water as part of their stay. They want reimbursement of the money they paid for the hotel room ($150) and of any medical costs they incur.

Again, there was no harmful bacteria in the water. Score one for routine chlorination!

Hotel where tourist’s body found being sued over clean water [KABC]

Canadian Tourist Spent Weeks Decomposing In Hotel’s Water Supply

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