Roku Misplaces My Defective Box For 6 Months, Won’t Send Replacement

Jonathan’s Roku streaming video device broke back in August, so he sent it back for a warranty replacement. How have the last six months been with his shiny new replacement box? Well, Jonathan wouldn’t know. Roku said that his original box disappeared, and they couldn’t replace it. Except for how when he contacted them recently, and they said, oh yeah, they’ve had it since August.


New from Roku: the time vortex.

Sent a defective box back to Roku last August, where they lost it and claimed it was my fault and they would do nothing for me. Today, received an email stating they had my box but there would be a delay in sending out the replacement unit. Am enclosing a screencap of the subsequent chat log I had with their online support. For the record, I still don’t have a replacement box nearly 7 months later.

Maybe they just now got around to looking under the couch cushions.

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