Brother Sends My Printer On Vacation In Florida, Not Back To Me

Cyndi’s new multifunction inkjet printer malfunctioned just after the 14-day return period was over. Isn’t that always how it ends up? Not by design on the company’s part, of course, but it feels that way when you depend on a printer like Cyndi does. She contacted Brother’s tech support, and ultimately they sent her a refurbished replacement. Yay! Except that they sent it to Orlando, Florida. Cyndi does not live there. How did the printer end up there? No one knows.

I purchased a Brother multifunction printer for a number of reasons – some good reviews from sites I trusted, plus some buzz noting that Brother inkjet cartridges last longer than other name brands – a big plus when you have an inkjet.

The machine worked well, until just after the 14-day return period to the store where I purchased it passed (OK, a coincidence). I tried to print a document and had a paperjam. After that I could not print, although the scan and fax functions still worked.

The problem here was with Brother’s customer service. They were helpful, but obviously were reading scripts out of [a] manual. Although they stayed on the phone with me for a long time, they had me repeat the same tests over and over. Finally, they offered me a refurbished, next higher up model; I was stuck since I couldn’t return the machine. The replacement was to be sent by UPS and there was to be free return shipping, also via UPS.

For reasons that I still don’t understand, even though Brother claims they have my correct address and gave it to UPS, and UPS claims to have my correct address, the printer is lost somewhere around Disney World (checking out the rides?)

I need my printer for school and work and have been without a printer for over a week. I contacted Brother and asked them to just refund me part of the purchase price (they haven’t even sent out the 2nd replacement model yet, so who knows when that will get here) but the agent told me he could not do that, that it’s not an option Brother provides. The problem is just that, the company does not give their agents, who were all very nice, and mostly competent, the option to provide satisfactory customer service and to really SOLVE an issue for their customer.

Longer lasting cartridges or not, while I have to take the replacement printer, I won’t be buying a Brother product again.

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