Chipotle Doesn’t Mind Putting Baby In A Corner If You’re The Type To Shun Human Contact

Don’t want anyone looking at you during the very private act of eating a burrito, but hate the idea of taking your food to go? Chipotle has a fix for that. Or at least, one Chipotle location has a very special seating arrangement for those of us who would prefer to be forever alone.

As seen in a photo submitted to Reddit, allows the diner to effectively turn his or her back on the rest of the customers chomping on burritos and tacos, while perhaps contemplating life’s existence or just staring idly at the blank walls.

Although some commenters seem to think it’d be nice to flip the positioning of the table and the stool, so one might gaze out at their fellow humans at the trough from the vantage point of a nice private cave, the appeal of effectively shutting out the world at feed time is clear. Who needs human contact, windows or wall art, anyway?

It seems this particular Chipotle is rumored to be in Austin, Texas. Any Consumerist readers willing to go sit in this seat and snap a photo with a sign reading say, “Hey, Consumerist,” or something along those lines, we’ll totally post your solitary experience. Send photos to with the subject line: FOREVER ALONE AT CHIPOTLE. Feel free to submit any other single seats you com across as well.

Forever alone level: Chipotle [Reddit]

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