Man Looking To Thank Anonymous Time Warner Cable Worker Who Helped Stranded Wife

(Carbon Arc)

(Carbon Arc)

A man in North Carolina is hoping to find the Time Warner Cable employee who was the only person willing to lend a helping hand to his wife when her car ran out of gas this morning. Maybe you folks can help.

The husband posted the following story on the Random Act of Kindness page on Reddit a few hours ago:

My wife let her car run out of gas this morning and was stranded on a very busy road, right next to a BP gas station. She couldn’t get in touch with me and every man she approached had a “bad back”, must be an epidemic? The BP employees told her she should have AAA and refused to even offer to sale or let her use the gas can behind the counter. A time Warner Cable rep showed up, blocked her car so she wouldn’t get hit and gave her a gallon of gas to get up the hill to the station. She was a bit frazzled so she forgot to get a name or an identification number to call and say thank you so if it was you I would just like to say thank you for being a good person and helping someone in need.

He says he has considered calling the local Time Warner Cable office in Greensboro, NC, but is concerned that the employee might have done something against company policy and doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble for doing something nice.

We know that there are a lot of TWC employees all around the country who read Consumerist, so maybe someone in the Greensboro area knows who this kindhearted employee is. If so, feel free to let the author know in the Reddit thread or shoot us an e-mail at If anyone does ID the employee to Consumerist, we won’t share that information with TWC HQ unless we get an assurance that he won’t get in trouble for helping a person out.

UPDATE: While it looks like the actual TWC employee hasn’t been identified, the company has provided this statement to Consumerist and posted it on the original Reddit thread:

Thank you for letting us know about a good deed carried out by one of our Time Warner Cable employees. Time Warner Cable ABSOLUTELY supports his behavior and could not be prouder! We live and work in our local communities and take pride in our employees keeping that top of mind at all times. We’re trying to identify this helpful technician and are working through the best way to recognize and honor him for this act of kindness!

Thanks to Bonnie for the tip!

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