Valentine’s Day Sewage Plant Tour Back This Year Due To “Overwhelming Demand”

You know your honey sweetie pie sugarmuffin babypants and there is no way he or she is going to be satisfied with yet another year of boring fragrant flowers and sweet, delicious chocolate. The way we see it, you’ve got two choices to be different this time around: Hand over the gift of your head made out of chocolate or take your beloved on a tour of a sewage plant.

Last year we heard about the Department of Environmental Protection’s offer of a Valentine’s Day tour of Newtown Creek Sewage treatment plant in Brooklyn, N.Y. and perhaps you turned your nose up at it. But now that the big day is tomorrow and you have nothing planned, well…

The DEP says this year it’s offering three tours because last year was such a hit, indeed, there’s been an “overwhelming demand.” It was quite difficult not to replace the word “demand” with “odor” in that sentence, we’ll have you know.

You’ll have to act fast if getting a noseful with your boo is your plan, the 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. tours are all filled up but an 11 a.m. jaunt has been added as well, notes the Associated Press.

One of the sites lovers can clutch each other excitedly/so as not to pass out from the fumes includes the plant’s giant egg-shaped digesters. They’re in charge of breaking down noxious waste (like yes, just what you’re thinking of) into harmless sludge and gas. Visitors be warned, as that’s not love in the air — those eggs can emit a foul odor.

Now, who’s in the mood for love?

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