Oregon Man Claims IRS Agent Pressured Him Into Sex Or Face Tax Penalty

In a lawsuit filed against the federal government and an agent for the Internal Revenue Service, an Oregon man claims the agent used threats and harassment to pressure him into having sex against his will.

According to KVAL-TV (via Philly.com), which broke the news of the suit, the plaintiff alleges that the agent first contacted him in August 2011 to alert him to an upcoming audit.

He claims that over the course of the next couple months, she began harassing him via text message.

“She was sending me texts that she wanted to come out, give me massages because she needed to help me relax,” he tells KVAL. He also says she sent him racy photos.

Then, in Sept. 2011, the man says that the agent showed up at his house dressed inappropriately.

“Next thing I know, she’s at my gate, honking,” he recalls, “so I opened my gate, she came into my property dressed exactly like she texted me.”

He alleges that the agent have him the option of paying “no penalty, or a 40% penalty, and that if he would give her what she wanted, she would give him what she needed.”

Thus, the man says he was “sexually harassed and intimidated” into having sex with the agent that evening.

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