Airline Cancels Flight Because Pilots Should Be Sober When Flying Planes

Listen, plenty of us enjoy a drink or two at the end of a long day. But those drinks should not be imbibed before operating large machinery like say, an airplane full of people. In yet another case of suspected intoxication, authorities at Heathrow Airport canceled a flight from London to Bucharest because officials think the pilot may’ve been drunk.

Romanian airline Tarom had an Airbus A318 (which fits about 100 passengers but it’s unclear if the flight was full) all set to take off on Wednesday reports Reuters, but authorities yanked it before it could hit the air.

“We cancelled the flight because one crew member was not physically fit to operate. His medical incapacity was tracked down in London during routine checks,” Tarom said in a statement. “The pilot returned home on Thursday and we suspended him from activity until the investigation is finalised.”

And if official results beyond the “does he seem drunk?” test show he was drunk, he’ll get the ax immediately.

Unfortunately he’s not the only one allegedly showing up to work incapacitated. An American Eagle pilot was suspected of pre-flight boozing here in the states recently as well.

Suspected drunk Romanian pilot halts flight from London [Reuters]