Here’s What Should Happen When Your Family’s Washer Is Out Of Commission

Last week, we published a story from a reader whose Kenmore washer might be repaired someday…maybe, leaving him to buy a cheap temporary replacement in the meantime. Reader Brian noticed the story because he had a similar experience when his local Home Depot sent installers too honest to leave him with a dented dryer. When he complained to the store manager that this left him without an important household appliance, the manager immediately brought over a loaner dryer that Brian’s family got to use for their dryer-less three weeks.

I read your recent washing machine post, and thought I’d share a nicer story.

We purchased a new washer/dryer set at Home Depot in [redacted] the week after Thanksgiving. They scheduled delivery a week later. When the delivery people showed up, they told me that the dryer had a big dent and that they wouldn’t install it because something might be broken (and could cause a fire). Of course we had already gotten rid of the old dryer so we were out of luck. They said the manufacturer (LG in this case) would call us with a new delivery date. They called the next day and stated that it would be another 3 weeks before the new dryer was delivered.

I called Home Depot and the first person I got on the phone basically told me that I was out of luck. I asked to speak to his manager. [A] got on the line, apologized, and offered to bring out a loaner that day. She showed up in her personal vehicle and she and a helper installed the new (used, or floor model, or something) dryer. Unfortunately it didn’t work so they carted it back down stairs, loaded it back into her vehicle, and said she would be back later. Less than an hour later she was back with another loaner which we used for 3 weeks until the new one showed up.

We have a family of 5 and do tons of laundry so it was extremely nice that they offered a loaner!

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