Egg Company Finally Unites Industry Terms “Chick” & “Laid” In Genius Marketing Move

So you know how like, women are sometimes referred to as “chicks,” and then also so are baby chickens? Well someone has finally had the marketing smarts to unite the two in what is a pretty chuckle-worthy company identity. Of course that company sells eggs that are “locally laid.” Get it?

Reddit user rocketdog6 posted the above photo, noting: “Our local egg company is pretty clever with their marketing.”

Clever, yes. What amazes us is that no one else (that we know of or have heard of, please feel free to correct us) has taken such a simple, suggestive tack. “Get Locally Laid!” and “Local chicks are better” could very much almost be a slogan for a dating site. Might want to look into some sort of cross-promotional business there, guys.

The only locals who will get locally laid (eggs, of course) will need to live in Central Eastern Minnesota, according to the company’s site.

If anyone pops by can you pass along our high five? We’d appreciate it.

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