Garnier Assumes Surfers Can’t Do Math, Zaps Hair Stuff With 40% Shrink Ray

Where did it go?

Where did it go?

Going by comments and reviews on the Garnier Fructis website, there are a lot of people (mostly men) who are very upset that Garnier Fructis’s Surf Hair product disappeared from the market without warning. There are a lot fewer people wandering around with artfully messy short hair achieved at a reasonable price. Karl was happy to find the product on the shelf, but less happy to discover that the formerly 5.1 ounce jar now contains only 3 ounces, even though the container itself is the same size.

Customers are very upset. On Garnier’s product page, one says:

I usually don’t write something like this. I’ve been using this product for as long as it has been on the market almost 8 years aprox. if I remember well. NOTHING ELSE DOES THE SAME THING AS THIS PRODUCT, NOT EVEN THE NEW VERSION OF THE SURF HAIR WITH THE DIFFERENT CONTAINER. I just got that one to see if it was only a change of the image or container, well, its not, it’s a different product. It doesn’t feel or smell the same. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”(

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