We’re Simultaneously Intrigued, Terrified By Live Feed Of Models Reading Promotional Tweets For Target

(She's my favorite)

(She’s my favorite)

You know how sometimes on Twitter your eyes kind of glaze over when a promoted tweet shows up in your feed? That’s how we initially missed Target’s wacky live feed of models reading tweets aloud to promote products during an all-white themed fashion show. That is until a friend* happened to send a G-Chat simply reading, “This Target thing is weird.”

What Target thing? you may ask, as I did. Starting at 1 p.m. today Target began streaming on www.everydayshow.com, with lovely lady models sashaying down an all-white catwalk. When they got to the end, they faced camera and sulkily/poutily/and otherwise did their model thing while reading tweets from the Twitterverse aloud and holding up a corresponding product.

For example: “So much hummus, never enough pita,” recites a model, holding up a bag of pita’s chips.

Another presents a bag of candy, intoning: “Chocolate was put on Earth to tempt me and then for me to eat all of it. Mmm.”

Another favorite involved “mmm” as well as a “dot dot dot” for the ellipses in this one: “mmm… (dot dot dot) Bread && (and, and) carbs!” complete with the exclamation points.

Apparently Target has been promoting this event since Jan. 2, offering Twitter users the chance for their tweets to appear in the live broadcast by submitting messages with the hashtag #EveryDayShow.

The whole thing is to promote Target’s Everyday Collection, which is basically, food and other stuff you use on a day-to-day basis. But how do you make frozen dinners sexy? With models, obviously!

It’s scary, at first. And then, it’s kinda genius. Because I can’t stop watching and now I want to eat ice cream with a cookie spoon. Either Target is absolutely crazy or actually, crazy like a social media fox. It seems to be ending right about now, but there will be highlights on the site, says Target.

*Thanks, Kyle!