Papa John’s Worker Talks Would-Be Robber Into Taking Just Pizza & Wings So He Could Feed His Family

Just a couple days ago, we told you about the Starbucks barista who talked a would-be robber into accepting just a free cup of coffee for his efforts. Now comes the story of a Montana man who walked into a Papa John’s intent on robbing the place and left, in tears, only holding a pizza.

According to the AP, during the robbery attempt at a Papa John’s in Helena, the suspect suddenly began crying. Rather than take that opportunity to smack the guy in the noggin with a pizza pan, the restaurant clerk began talking to him.

The robbery suspect confessed that he was just stealing the money to help support his wife and kids. So the clerk offered to make him a pizza and chicken wings, on the house.

“I’d say the clerk was pretty astute,” a Helena police rep tells the AP. “I mean, he knows how to talk to this person. Kind of commiserated with him a little. Talked to him about it and you know actually changed his mind about robbing the place. That was pretty good.”

The man remained in the store while they made his food. At one point, he apparently dropped a knife, though police say he never attempted to use it in a threatening manner.

“In Helena, I don’t recall recently something like this has happened,” says the officer. “We have had a few in the past where people have changed their minds. But actually sitting down and waiting for the food and that sort of thing, no.”

Though the police have no idea what exactly they would charge the man with, they would like to locate him so that he doesn’t repeat himself.

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