Enjoy That Chipotle Burrito While It’s Cheap(er): Prices Might Be Going Up This Year

If you happen to be in the midst of enjoying a Chipotle burrito with antibiotic-free meat and a dollop or two of sour cream, enjoy it, because it’s not gonna come cheap in the future. Not that Chipotle’s fare is cheap now, compared to standard fast food fare, but that “premium” level of ingredients costs the company a pretty penny and unfortunately, those costs are rising. 

The company says that due to the rising cost of foods like dairy and meat, it might have to shift prices upward in the middle of 2013, reports Reuters. It’s been struggling to keep prices down during tight economic times, but any swing in food costs hit the company hard as it can’t lock in prices on its meats and other organic menu offerings.

“We’re looking at possibly raising prices during the middle of 2013,” Chief Financial Officer John Hartung said. The company is taking action by warning investors that because of that, sales might slow down. Who wants to shell out extra money on something that’s already almost a luxury in the realm of grab and go food?

The company is testing other meats to lure in customers as well, including a trial of sofritas, which don’t even include meat. They’re braised, shredded organic tofu, for the meatless set of course.

Currently a burrito or set of tacos will run you around $7, so savor that price while you still can, or be prepared to go without.

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