Timing Is Everything: Polish Airline Debuting New Dreamliner Service In U.S. Today

Oh boy. A Polish airline has picked a doozy of a day to introduce its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner service in the U.S. Just this morning two Japanese airlines announced they’re grounding their fleets of Dreamliners after a spate of recent issues, one of which prompted an emergency landing, and the Federal Aviation Administration has joined the fun with an investigation of its own. Which makes LOT airlines’ debut date of today well, interesting timing.

LOT could’ve had a much better run at a positive launch even just a month ago, but now what with reported fuel leaks and emergency landings and whathaveyou, it could be a tough go. The new nonstop flight is scheduled to fly from Chicago to Warsaw, and tonight is supposed to be the inaugural run, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Everything is still a go as of now, says the airline.

“According to our best knowledge,” an email from LOT’s home offices in Warsaw said, “the flight from Chicago to Warsaw will be operated with the Dreamliner as scheduled.”

There’s going to be a ceremony at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago with Mayor Rahm Emanuel planned to attend and everything. So you know, no pressure guys.

The airline isn’t saying whether any passengers have canceled their tickets in light of the recent spate of Dreamliner issues, saying only in a statement: “We conducted preventively a series of reviews of all systems in both Boeing 787 we have in our fleet. All the tests were completed positively.”

Bad timing: Polish airline to debut Dreamliner service in U.S. [Los Angeles Times]

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