Accidentally Sexist Toy Mixup Means My Niece Gets Pink Car Instead Of Awesome Shark Plane



At left is the totally awesome shark plane that J’s parents bought for Christmas for his niece. It’s an online-only item from Toys ‘R’ Us. Any child would be lucky to receive such a fun and cool-looking gift, right? The problem is that thanks to an accidentally sexist shipping mixup, they didn’t get the plane: they got a pink pedal car instead, a week before Christmas. This kind of thing happens all the time, though, so Toys ‘R’ Us should be able to handle a vehicle swap with no problem. Right?

I came across the article your site recently posted about Toys R Us while researching whether or not other families have also had Toys R Us shipping nightmares. To make a long story short, my parents ordered a shark plane pedal toy (total: $371) for my niece for Christmas, however they received a pink car (about $340) a week before Christmas. They called to report the mistake (the box was clearly labelled, so the initial mistake was at the warehouse) and were given a label to send the wrong toy back via UPS. When they went to set up a pick-up, they were told that they’d have to pay for shipping.

Though two calls to the Toys R Us customer center were supposed to fix this, they were still going to be charged… So they took it in to UPS and shipped it from there. They were then sent multiple emails saying that the wrong item had not been returned…

Each time they called Toys R Us and went through the long process of having the return of their item verified.

Now, today, they got an email saying that their account was charged for the first item, though the computer still thinks they were suppose to send back the more expensive plane.

Shark Pedal Plane [Toys ‘R’ Us]

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