Coca-Cola Taking Its Head Out Of The Sand, Addressing Obesity For The First Time In Ads

We thought we might never see the day when Coca-Cola finally decided to join the obesity conversation, but as health advocates rail against high-calorie drinks, the company is stepping into the fray with an ad campaign addressing obesity. The first TV spot will air for two minutes today on a smattering of networks, and will highlight Coca-Cola’s drinks with fewer calories.

Oh and of course, these ads will point out that it isn’t just soda that can cause weight gain — you can drink anything with high calories and put on the pounds, notes the Associated Press.

The campaign is just the start, says Coca-Cola, as the company will be mounting various initiatives this year, like providing more diet options at soda fountains.

A company spokeswoman denies that negative publicity surrounding soda — such as NYC’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks — is the reason for this new campaign. She says the company just felt it was time to talk about “the issue of the times” and join the obesity discussion.

“We have not done a good enough job in telling our story and being consistent in telling our story,” she said, while adding that Coca-Cola isn’t on a mission to be “preachy.”

Another ad will air this week where happy people can still drink Coke and then just lose those calories by doing fun things like dancing and laughing and bowling. So much fun to work off empty calories!

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