Company Behind Bulletproof Clothing For Politicians Now Designing Duds For U.S. Kids

While the debate about gun control in America has heated up recently after a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, killing 20 children and eight adults in the process, one company has decided to focus not on the weapons, but on designing protective gear. A Colombian company well-versed in making bulletproof clothing for politicians and other big names says it’s gotten so many requests for kids’ clothing that it decided to plan a line for U.S. school children.

To be clear, says the company, these T-shirts, vests and backpack-vests aren’t meant for everyday wear or a playdate at the park.  They’re more of an emergency item that teachers can pass out to kids if needed. Otherwise trying to explain to your child why they have to wear a bulletproof garment to school could be a troubling experience for all involved.

The man who runs the show at the factory near Bogota said he started to get calls from parents who were worried about their children, and asked for garments fit just for them.

“We would answer that we do not make clothes for kids. But the emails kept coming,” he told the AFP, adding that he took only one week to whip up some designs and submit them to ballistic tests. His factory is preparing to manufacture 1,800 bullet-proof clothing items as soon as he receives firm orders for them.

Lest anyone question whether these garments will be the real deal, the company’s head of research and development threw out some high-profile customers to back up its safety claims.

“Three royal families in the Middle East are customers of ours. We made a bullet-proof kimono for the American actor Steven Seagal. Our experience is beyond question,” she explained.

The clothing is designed for kids aged 8 to 16, with each item going for anywhere between $200 and $400. The company has 22 years of experience in the business of protecting public figures, but it remains to be seen if parents and school districts will resort to bulletproof outfits.

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