Robbers Make Off With $1.3 Million Worth Of Products In New Year’s Eve Apple Store Heist

While the rest of Paris was focused on ringing in the New Year, armed gunmen were all about bringing in some new gear during a robbery at an Apple store in Paris. Police had their eyes on the partying people on the Champs-Elysees while the masked thieves broke into the Apple flagship store nearby on Monday night.

The New York Daily News cites French media, who reported that the heist was carried out basically steps away from where cops were remaining vigilant for any revelers who might get out of hand. We’ll give the robbers one thing — they picked a good night to provide a diversion to carry out their plan.

It was still hours before midnight when the gunmen broke into the Apple store around 9 p.m. by threatening a security guard stationed at the rear entrance. He was probably already bummed about working during the holiday and now this? Poor guy.

The foursome then made their way to the basement storeroom, lifting iPads, iPhones and laptops  — about $1.3 million worth of goods, say police — before escaping in a very classes getaway vehicle, a Mercedes van. Police think this heist was pulled off with some obvious preparation, saying it’s likely the group had cased the joint earlier.

“They knew exactly what they were taking,” a member of France’s USNA police union, told CNN.

As cops monitor revelers, armed thieves knock over Paris Apple store on New Year’s Eve [New York Daily News]

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