Members-Only BYO Pot Clubs Popping Up In Colorado In Wake Of Marijuana Amendment

It didn’t take long for marijuana aficionados to bring the stuff out of the home and into the public sphere — not even a month after Colorado legalized recreational pot use in the state, members-only bring-your-own-pot clubs are opening up to host anyone willing to pay a monthly admission fee. We’re guessing it’s 4:20 all the day long once you’re past those doors.

And the atmosphere at one of the clubs — as described by the Associated Press — sounds exactly how we’d picture it:

With a reggae soundtrack and flashing disco-style lights, Club 64 in an industrial area just north of downtown Denver opened Monday afternoon, with some 200 people signed up. The opening came less than 24 hours after club organizers announced they would charge a $29.99 admission price for the bring-your-own pot club.

No mention of black light posters featuring Bob Marley and stampeding unicorns, but we just know there have to be some. That club and another are thought to be the first legal pot dens in the entire country. Congratulations are in order, we suppose.

Then there’s this cute line regarding the newly-minted pot clubbers: “New Club 64 members were firing up bongs and exchanging hugs before the sun set Monday, and they also planned to ring in the new year together.”


Each month the private pot den will meet at a different location for indoor smokeouts, which Club 64’s attorney says is legal because no marijuana is sold, or anything else, for that matter.

For this inaugural party, the club met at hemp-based clothing store. Yup, we can see how that happened. And of course, The Big Lebowski was showing during the event, with snacks on hand like Goldfish and Cheetos in a nod to Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper.

“Don’t break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly,” he warned constituents when the vote passed. Is less than a month considered “too quickly” or just the right amount of time?

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