Nothing Quite Ruins A Shopping Experience Like A Tank Full Of Sharks Suddenly Shattering

Sometimes the mall can feel like a shark tank, with shoppers circling each other and sniffing out deals that retailers throw out like so much chum. But visitors at a Shanghai shopping center had a bit of a more unfortunate and very real experience with sea life when an aquarium full of sharks, turtles and fish shattered suddenly.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV (via The Telegraph) shows surveillance video that’s pretty shocking — a man stands near the tank taking pictures of the sea creatures when the tank suddenly bursts open, sweeping him and others away in the rush of water.

As the fish went flying, so did the six-inch thick acrylic glass, injuring 16 people as it flooded the shopping area. Three lemon sharks and dozens of turtles and fish were also killed in the incident.

Cops are looking into what caused the sudden flood, and so far the blame might be placed on cold temperatures and the age of the tank. It’s only been at the shopping center for two years.

For all the pretty aquarium displays we’ve seen in public spaces, not once have we thought, “Oh, that’s going to break apart and crash into people.” It’s a scary thought, especially when you get toothy sea life involved.

Shark tank bursts over shoppers in China [The Telegraph]

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