Now You Can Watch Game Of Thrones While Drinking Game Of Thrones Beer

Chugging, Westeros-style.

Chugging, Westeros-style.

Have you ever been drinking a beer while watching Game of Thrones on HBO, or while reading one of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire novels and thought to yourself, “If only this brew I’m enjoying were also somehow named after something from this story I’m enjoying”? Well, then you’re in luck.

The folks at Cooperstown, NY, Brewery Ommegang are set to release the first of four Game of Thrones-related beers, just in time for the HBO show’s third season premiere on March 31.

Ommegang has received the blessing of the powers that be in King’s Landing (better known as HBO Global Licensing, which according to the press release “is constantly raising the bar on brand extensions for their hit shows”) to brew “unique beers that directly tie into themes, characters and nuances of the series of the medieval-like fantasy realm of Westeros and surrounding kingdoms.”

The first beer will be called the Iron Throne Blonde Ale, a reference to both the coveted seat of the king and the yellow hair of the Lannister family that (at least currently) sits upon said throne.’s Sean O’Neal takes a shot in the dark that this beer will “feature notes of smug arrogance, Robert Baratheon ass sweat, and caramel.”

The beer will retail for around $8.50 for a 750ml bottle. The next beverage, which we hope will be a high-ABV drink called “You Remember Nothing, Jon Snow,” will debut in the fall.

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