Mom Displeased That Toy She Bought Her One-Year-Old Turns Out To Have A Potty Mouth

Kids have the tendency to repeat anything they hear, like tiny parrots who are trying to learn about the world around them. And often, those kids get a kick out of repeating anything that’s even slightly inappropriate with much glee, as parents everywhere have surely experienced. One mom  in the UK is none too pleased that a toy she bought her one-year-old at a town festival happens to chortle questionable song lyrics.

The Lancashire Evening Post says a flashing butterfly toy sold at a Christmas lighting event don’t just flash pretty lights, but play a song with the lyrics, “We are  f*****g perfect.”

“I was devastated. I went mad,” she tells the paper, adding that when she called the town council they were like, too bad, not our fault, and suggested she call trading standards. In turn, they told her the toy seller hadn’t broken the law so there’s nothing to be done about it.

Unfortunately because the toy vendor seemed to have been just a guy who showed up at an event and sold a bunch of pretty, flashing things — something we’re all familiar with — there’s not much recourse for angry parents.

The mom says she just wants to warn others about the bleepable toy.

“I don’t want to get anything out of it. I want people to know if they have got this for their daughters, I want them to know what happens when you turn it on. Especially older children — they pick up everything they hear.”

A rep from the town’s business improvement district says it isn’t at fault, but they’ll try to keep an eye out for any more toys with wayward vocabularies.

“We keep very tight controls over who is joining us at these events. If we do find out, and I don’t know how we will do this, but he will be banned from attending any of our other events.”

Rude toy upsets mum [Lancashire Evening Post]

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