Customer Tries, Fails To Convince Internet That Company Labeled Him A “Huge A-hole”

It’s one thing if a company or one of its employees goes out of their way to insult you, say by mocking your weight or calling you an “ugly itch” from “Ghettohood USA.” But it’s not cool to claim that a company insulted you when it just did exactly what you asked it to do.

Over at Reddit, a user is not exactly feeling the love from the Internet after he originally posted the above image, claiming that the makers of the Cards Against Humanity card game put “Huge Asshole” on his envelope just because he opted to pay $0.00 for the package.

“Apparently cards against humanity WILL send you cards if you enter $0.00. But they don’t appreciate it much,” said the Redditor who posted the image.

That could be considered a bit rude… if it were true.

A rep for the company took to Reddit shortly after the image was posted and clarified that this customer had indeed entered their name as “Huge Asshole,” and he’s not the first to see if the company would ship to a “hilarious” name.

The company rep lists the following other names they’ve shipped to:

Asshole Mcgee
Iama Asshole
Asshole Moocher
Resident Asshole
Asshole Asshole

His claims were backed up by other Reddit commenters who showed that they also were able to order using a silly name, like Dick Binglebottom. One reader says he paid nothing for his cards but that his package came insult-free.

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