FCC Asks FAA To Lighten Up About In-Air Wireless Device Restrictions

With pilots approved to use iPads as flight manuals in their cockpits, and the FAA’s own studies finding “no evidence saying [wireless] devices can’t interfere with a plane, and… no evidence saying that they can,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has asked the FAA to ease up on restrictions against wireless device use on planes.

“I write to urge the FAA to enable greater use of tablets, e-readers, and other portable devices during flight, consistent with public safety,” wrote Genachowski in a letter first uncovered by the folks at TheHill and confirmed by the NY Times.

In the letter, Genachowski expresses his support for a recently announced FAA review of its policies for use of wireless devices on planes.

“The review comes at a time of tremendous innovation, as mobile devices are increasingly interwoven in our daily lives,” he writes to FAA Acting Administrator Michael Huerta. “They empower people to stay informed and connected with friends and family, and they enable both large and small businesses to be more productive and efficient, helping drive economic growth and boost U.S. competitiveness.”

[via PCmag.com]

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