Eight-Year-Old Donates 500 Presents From Birthday Benefit To Toys For Tots

There is no strict governing body presiding over exactly what form Santa Claus must come in, so why couldn’t he look like a generous eight-year-old boy? The young man from Owasso, Okla. was turning eight and decided he had enough toys. Instead, he opted to turn his birthday party into a benefit to bring in toys and give them away to those less fortunate.
“I already have toys and other kids don’t,” he explained to FOX23 of his decision to throw a benefit for his local Toys for Tots drive instead of accepting presents like a traditional birthday boy. “They don’t have toys and when they have anything for Christmas they can’t play and they can’t have fun.”

His birthday party on Sunday drew more than 100 guests, all bearing gifts that went into the donation bin. His mom, for one, says she’s pretty proud of how community-minded her son is at such a young age.

“You want to raise your child to be generous and to think of someone other than themselves,” she said. “Him doing this was a gift to me.”

The toys will provide a big boost to the local chapter of Toys for Tots, which will end up handing out gifts to about 2,000 kids all told.

Now I can’t stop thinking about what a greedy little brat I was at this boy’s age, and I feel properly shamed.

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