Restaurant Celebrates Bad Yelp Reviews By Broadcasting Them In The Restrooms

While there are all the horror stories of businesses turning on negative Yelp reviews, there’s at least one restaurant that seems to be taking the bad and turning it into something amusing. When it comes down to it, some of those reviews are downright dramatic, and the gastropub’s owner figured he might as well have with that: His restaurant pipes in audio of voices reading those reviews in the bathrooms.

The San Diego spot is located in the city’s Little Italy district and has been the target of some pretty cranky reviews, reports the site Restaurant Hospitality (via Yahoo! News). Things like:  “I have never been in a place that tries so hard. The place is jammed with hipsters eating corn dogs.”

Corn dogs, yum! Then there’s: “The food doesn’t live up to the hype. Biscuits that taste like the ones from Red Lobster but half the size.”

The co-owner decided to go the humorous route and take all those lemons to make some lemonade. In the bathroom.

“We just thought that some of the reviews on Yelp were so melodramatic. The way these reviews are written, it’s like people are appalled at something we’ve done,” he told the San Diego Bugle last month. “So we thought this was a funny way to respond.”

It’s doing just fine anyway, as it was named one of the 50 best bars in America by Food & Wine magazine. And it’s a lot better than telling a customer on Facebook that they’ve eaten vomit, right?

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