Hey, Best Buy Also Sent Me Five iPads When I Only Ordered One!



As our post from last night about Best Buy’s five-for-one iPad deal burned up the Internet, some people wondered whether this had happened to anyone else out there. No, that couldn’t be: this is an expensive mistake. It can’t happen all the time. Then we heard from Nick, who has four spare iPads stashed in his closet, waiting for Best Buy to come back for them.

I called Best Buy’s 1-800 number and the rep told me there was nothing he could really do because the system only reported one as being sent to me. He told me I could try and drop them off at the Best Buy store, but I had reservations about how traceable this return would be. You know, case the inventory person at Best Buy ever tracked me down and wanted them back.So right now I am just keeping them in my closet until Best Buy comes knocking at my door or a reasonable amount of times goes by.


Nick’s photo of the box of iPads.

If this happened to two people, it probably happened to 100’s of people. And that is enough of a shortage to not fly under the radar for too long.

That’s true. And so we’re a little surprised to put out this call, but have to ask: has anyone else received more iPads than they ordered? Please drop us a line. We won’t turn you in to Best Buy unless you want us to.

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