Kmart Pretends I Gave Them Wrong PayPal Address, Is Now Out Of Wiis

Image courtesy of (pixeljones)

Did you preorder a Wii U from Kmart? Chris did. Well, he tried to. He paid using PayPal, and Kmart now tells him that he typed in an incorrect PayPal address, and they’re sold out of them. The funny thing is that they must have had his correct address at one point: when he first placed the order, they debited his account or put a hold on it initially. So that’s weird.

I think that had a problem with their supply of wii u’s. I had done a preorder using my paypal account. When I submitted the order they took $349 out of my account for a week, they then put it back in. Two months later the day before the pre orders were to ship they sent an announcement that my order wouldn’t ship. After 7 calls to the CSR’s it came out that my paypal email address was wrong. They had added my email address to my paypal making a *****@***.com*****@***.com. I was told that I put the info in wrong. How could I, they took the money out for a week in September, it had to be correct then. Of course they told me that the item was no longer available. I think they just over sold the item and were looking for a way to get out of it. Have you heard any other stories like this from

We haven’t yet, but this is our official call for stories: if you’ve had this same problem at Kmart, let us know and we’ll see if this is a common pattern.

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