Charter Admits It Shouldn’t Charge Customer Modem Fee, Keeps Charging Her Anyway

Image courtesy of (Tony Crescibene)

When your cable company owns up to its own billing error, it should be a good thing. But there’s no point in admitting to the error if the company isn’t going to stop making that same error every month until you finally file a lawsuit.

Ask the Charter customer in Missouri, who paid a $49.99 one-time equipment fee to the cable company back in 2008, only to be told in early 2012 that a company audit discovered she should be paying a $7/month rental fee.

In her lawsuit [via CourthouseNews], filed in a federal court in the Eastern District of Missouri, the customer claims that when she contacted Charter she was told the company had made a mistake and she should not be charged a fee.

And yet, every month her bill contains another $7 (plus tax) line item for the modem fee.

The suit seeks to certify a class of all past and current Charter Internet customers that may have been on the receiving end of these bogus charges.

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