My DirecTV Tivo Has Been Resetting For 12 Days And No One Seems To Care

Image courtesy of (angela n.)

UPDATE: DirecTV tells Consumerist it will credit affected customers’ accounts when the issue is resolved.

Since the first week of November, DirecTV customers with Tivo Series 2 DVRs have been smashing their head against the wall (not literally, we hope) trying to get people to do something about their DVRs resetting randomly and frequently throughout the day.

The first post in this thread on the Tivo forum is dated Nov. 9, by a DirecTV customer whose Tivos had all been resetting themselves unexpectedly for the two previous days.

Within hours, others responded, indicating that this was not an isolated incident. That thread is now 24 pages long, while a similar thread on has hundreds of responses but no hint at a resolution in the offing.

Consumerist reader Chuck says that his Tivos were initially rebooting a couple of times a day but as of last night, the reboots were occurring nearly every 30 minutes.

Considering that it takes several minutes for each reboot to complete, this has left some DirecTV customers without the ability to watch the service they pay for.

The DirecTV Service Twitter account has been repeating the same message for several days now, first saying that its engineers were working on the issue and now saying that its engineers are working with Tivo. Regardless, no time frame has been given.

We’ve reached out to DirecTV for comment, but have not yet heard back. We’ll update if/when we receive a reply.

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