Ford Dealership Will Accept “Anything Breathing” As Trade-In This Black Friday

Image courtesy of (Laramie Ford)

For people who have been looking to buy a new Ford but don’t want to trade in their current vehicle and have some livestock they wouldn’t mind parting with, a dealership in Laramie, WY, may be the place to visit this Black Friday.

This ad for Laramie Ford’s Black Friday sale literally challenges customers to come up with odd things to bring as trade-in.

In addition to the livestock options — pigs, beef, poultry, horses, llamas, alpacas, and the general “Anything Breathing,” there are sensible trade-in ideas — coins, precious metals, tools, computers, appliances — and some more unique suggestions, like flags, hot air balloons, and carpet scraps.

But before anyone takes that “anything breathing” mention as an opportunity to unload their ungrateful kids on the Laramie Ford folks, the ad clearly states, “Please: NO CHILDREN!! We will not accept your child on trade… gotta draw the line there!!”

Note that it doesn’t say you couldn’t try to trade in your freeloading brother-in-law, though we believe there might be laws against such a thing.

Regardless, the dealership is going to reward the person with the most creative trade-in will be rewarded with “popcorn, drinks, 2 new release movies and a pizza!” They will also be featured in an upcoming ad along with their trade and the vehicle they ended up purchasing.

Consumerist reader Ron, who tipped us to the ad, puts it best: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Not sure if I should chuckle at the absurdity, or lament the economic implications.”

We say the two options are not mutually exclusive.

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