Waitress Gets Crafty, Creates Sippy Cup For Adult Who Spilled Drink

Image courtesy of (Reddit)


Anyone who has ever spilled a large drink at a restaurant knows how humiliating it can be as everyone flees the spill and then dives in to mop up the mess. But is it a good or bad thing when the waitress brings you a replacement drink with a lid secured by tape?

Someone posted this image over at Reddit, claiming that after the man in the photo spilled his drink everywhere, the waitress returned with a tightly secured replacement beverage.

I’m prone to spilling beverages — the larger, the more likely to end up on the table, and floor, my fellow diners, the people two tables over. Heck, I once spilled a pitcher of ice water on a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, so I would probably appreciate it if my restaurant server securely battened down the lid with tape.

And think of how many “hot coffee” lawsuits would be prevented if baristas took matters into their own hands and sealed up the edges of the cup.

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