Man Claims He Was Stabbed By T-Mobile Employee During Dispute Over His Bill

Sure, there are times when we’re arguing with a customer service rep or a grumpy sales associate where it feels like discussions are about to erupt in fisticuffs, but usually it’s all a bunch of hot air. Not so for one T-Mobile customer who claims he walked away from a bill dispute at a store with a stab wound to his abdomen. To be clear: He didn’t feel like he’d been stabbed in the gut, he actually had been.

The man says the wound was inflicted by an employee of T-Mobile after he went to the store to complain about being double-billed, reports Things went sour fast, and cops say the man suddenly felt a weird sensation. Blood.

“During the course of filing the complaint, he realizes he’s bleeding profusely from the left side of the stomach,” said the police superintendent. “He’d thought he was just punched.”

During the fight, the customer somehow had the presence of mind to rip the employee’s name tag off his shirt so he would have something to bring to the police to file an assault complaint.

The victim was hospitalized and underwent surgery. He’s now listed in serious condition and the suspect is still on the lam with an a warrant out for his arrest on charges of attempted murder.

T-Mobile’s corporate office said it was”shocked and saddened” to hear what had happened. We hope the company at least takes care of that double-billing issue. Or you know, gives him free service for the rest of the life that just flashed in front of his eyes.

Upper Darby T-Mobile customer stabbed while disputing bill []

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