FedEx SmartPost Package Takes A Week To Tour Southern California, Tantalizingly Near My House

Image courtesy of Not all that intelligent.

Tim’s new shirt from Teefury didn’t have to go very far. It just had to make a short trip across the Los Angeles hypermetroplex. But somehow the eventual delivery service that is FedEx SmartPost couldn’t get the package to go in a straight line, which meant that it took a meandering route around the area. Really, they could have put the shirt in a cardboard tube and rolled it to Tim faster.

He writes:

A few weeks ago I ordered a shirt from Teefury and while I only paid about 3 bucks in shipping and knew it would take a while for the shirt to arrive, I never expected for my package to take a tour of the greater L.A. area.

Not all that intelligent.

As seen in the attached photo, my shirt starts its journey in LA, where I assume the company is located. It then leaves for Chino, a city at least 40 miles away. It then goes to Downey, which is another 40 miles south. Now apparently it takes 5 days to cross Downey, which is odd, as I live in Downey and we are not a lake-laden region or plagued by treacherous single-lane mountain roads (also we do not have a Fedex shipping center).

The traveled shirt then makes its way back to LA, and knowing where most buildings are in this area, it stopped at the local Fedex Distribution center at LAX (2 blocks from my office), and then made its way to the local post office (3 blocks from my office). I still await my shirt, and wonder how much gas, man hours, and sorting time was wasted to give my little shirt an odyssey I will envy every time I put it on.

Now your shirt is funny, memorable, and well-traveled. What else could you ask for?

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