This Guy Drop-Tests iPad Mini & Google Nexus 7 So You Don’t Have To

If you’re in the market for a tablet this holiday season, especially one for one of your butterfingered kids or your accident-prone parents, you’ll probably want to know how well Apple’s new iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 survive when dropped on the ground.

The folks at AndroidAuthority did some drop-testing this morning in front of the scenic Hong Kong skyline. They dropped each device on its side, back, and front onto a hard surface.

It’s not terribly scientific, but most of us don’t drop our expensive electronics with precision.

Regardless, the iPad came out much better in the end. It was still operable — through cracked and looking pretty bad — after the three drops, while the Nexus 7 appeared to be a pricey paperweight after being dropped on its back.

Oh well… it’s fun to see things go smash.

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