Banned From Boost Mobile’s Facebook Page For Telling Other Customers How To Get Actual Help

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Nick likes Boost Mobile, but he needed some help from the company. He tried to call them, but was cast into phone-prompt purgatory. He sought solace and support from other frustrated Boost customers on their Facebook page, and the admin scolded him for “spamming” the page. When a simple Google search turned up a number where he could find a live rep, he shared this information with the masses. And got banned from the company’s Facebook page.

Yes, when you’re on a company’s site or Facebook page, you need to play by their rules. It’s their house. Still, we at Consumerist sympathize with Nick’s plight.

Hello, I am completely fed up with boost mobile. I have been a loyal customer for 3 months and was suddenly having service issue. I tried calling the toll free number, and after nearly 40 minutes of phone prompts was directed back to the main menu. I facebooked them and asked for some help, only to receive a canned message. (me and about 400 other dismayed customers) so,, i was angry. i commented on a few other angry customers posts expressing to them how i had been unable to find help there or over the phone ans was informed by the page admin that my commenting to let the other customers know that they were not alone in their frustration was in essence, spam. I do not see it as that, but being a company that thrives on positive feedback they disagreed.

My comments were deleted. A few other customers had comments deleted as well and re posted to inform boost mobile that it was bad for business to brush off their loyal paying hard working customers. I was sent a private message from a boost rep stating that in order to talk to a live agent you had to follow the phone prompts and you would be directed to a person, which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE. Thier phone system is a giant Merry-go-round of pre recorded suggestions and menus that eventually lead you right back to go (without collecting $200). I asked the on line rep if she would be so kind as to walk me through the phone menu but I was replied with the same “you must follow the prompts” which I tried again to no avail.

I googled how to talk to a live rep and found my answer on a private non-boost owned forum and it worked. I decided to share my discovery with Boost customers by posting it directly to Boosts facebook wall and was banned shortly thereafter. Its pretty sad that the company that is supposedly so customer friendly treated me this way.

I proceeded to find every disgruntled customer on their page and personally emailed each one the phone number I had found, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback about how fast their issues had been resolved (even after a few short minutes of listening to bollywood-esque hold music).

Nick didn’t send along this number that he shared with fellow customers, but has shared a number and the mystical sequence of digita you need to press to get in touch with an actual person. Boost is also a subsidiary of Sprint, so calling the Sprint Consumerist Hotline at 866-561-0035.

UPDATE: Boost Mobile caught up with us after this post went up to get in touch with Nick. They’ve since given him a $55 credit to make up for his service issues.

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