Avoid Baggage Fees With Wearable Luggage If You Don’t Mind Looking Completely Ridiculous

Runway ready! (Jaktogo)

Based on some of the outfits I’ve seen at the airport — really? Wearing five-inch stiletto boots with an infinite amount of lacing is a good idea? — plenty of travelers love being stylish when they’re on the go. But if you don’t care how you look and want to avoid paying fees to check baggage or beat weight restrictions on said bags, you should consider the Mr. Potato Head ensemble you can achieve with the Jaktogo.

With the tagline, “It’s not a bag, it’s a coat!” Jaktogo (via the Daily Mail) touts its coats and jumper-like dress things as the best way to get around paying baggage fees, especially on budget airlines.

The result is a decidedly dumpy, frumpy ensemble; however, if you’re not one of those people who must be dressed to impress at all times, why not stuff your pockets? It turns back into a shoulder bag when it’s emptied out, as well.

Its designer/inventor admits that it isn’t the most fashion-forward look, but for travelers sick of airlines like Ryanair charging fees even for carry-on luggage, it could be just the right solution.

“I do get some funny looks at the airport but I usually sell about ten after every trip,” he tells the Daily Mail.

We’ve seen a similar, albeit sleeker version of this idea before with the pocket-filled clothing options offered at ScotteVest. Delta wasn’t too pleased with it, however, and denied the company’s offer of a full-page ad because it promised to help travelers avoid annoying travel fees.

Please, if you purchase one of these bottom-heavy outfits, take a photo of yourself in it and sent to tips@consumerist.com. We will praise you for your fashion bravery.

Luggage you wear: Want to beat baggage charges of the budget airlines? Then try these bizarre outfits for size [Daily Mail]

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