For Some Reason American Apparel Thought “Hurricane Sandy” Sale Was A Good Idea

There’s nothing like retailers taking advantage of natural disasters to get our collective duff up, something American Apparel is currently learning after offering a sale for people “bored” during Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy last night.

On Monday the clothing company emailed customers with a promo for a “Hurricane Sandy Sale,” prompting a social media backlash as people reacted to what would appear to be an attempt to cash in devastating event.

While many on the East Coast watched in horror as Sandy flooded neighborhoods, took out power and produced numerous fatalities, American Apparel’s sale email featured a helpful map with states expected to be affected by the storm highlighted in red, reports Mashable.

Only customers in those highlighted states — Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland — were eligible for the sale. Too bad for the rest of you in non-storm ravaged areas!

The email offered  20% off to customers for the next 36 hours “in case you’re bored during the storm” and told customers to “Just Enter SANDYSALE at Checkout.” American Apparel didn’t respond to Mashable’s request for comment, but online the reactions have been less than positive.

American Apparel Angers Twittersphere With ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale’ [Mashable]

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