Verizon Uses Warranty-Voiding Photo To Sell Protection Plan

Image courtesy of SPLASH!


The Verizon/Asurion Total Equipment Coverage Plan looks neat sitting there on the shelf, with its pretty photo of a smartphone making a splash in a cool bin of water. As tipster and photo-taker Eric points out, though, why are they showing the phone plunging into a bin of water when the protection plan doesn’t cover water damage? We’ve heard from some people who know the plan well and who have pointed out that the plan has separate components: the Verizon part doesn’t cover liquid damage, but the insurance component from Asurion does. . However, intentionally throwing your phone in water in order to take a picture is still a bad idea.

Yes, the plan specifically exempts “Defects or damage due to spills of or immersion in food or liquid.” No word on whether soaking your phone during a Verizon photo shoot also disqualifies your phone. We’re guessing that it does.

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