Free, $1.29, Same Difference When Papa John’s Gives You A Pizza

Jared is a regular Papa John’s customer, but please don’t judge him for that. He ordered a pizza online, and the driver got terribly lost. As an apology, they sent him a coupon for a free pizza that was more of a free* pizza. For no immediately clear reason, the coupon code made the pizza cost $1.29.

My family and I normally order Papa Johns about 2-3 times a month for various meals. On one occasion about 3 weeks ago they our order took a little longer to get to our house because the local franchise was short staffed. I ordered through the easy to use app on my Android device as I normally do and about 45 minutes later the delivery driver called my cell phone and I had to give him directions to my house. He was really nice about it and I didn’t mind the phone call.

About a week later we received a postcard that stated “Your last order did not meet our timely service standards. Give us another chance…” and also included a code for a free pizza. I really appreciated the free pizza especially since I didn’t even say a word about the timing of the previous order. I went to use the code tonight for the free pizza before it expired and the attached picture shows what happened. I am not complaining about the free pizza really being only $1.29, I just thought it was funny that they think free = 1.29.

Maybe that’s a coupon-administration fee. It’s nice to know that they send coupons without customers having to complain, though!