Woman Stuck On State Fair Ride Picked A Bad Day To Conquer Her Fear Of Heights

Sometimes the universe is just a total jerk. For example, the day a Texas woman decided she’d finally conquer her fear of heights? She got stranded 200 feet in the air on a ride with 23 other people. Bad timing, or just a bratty universe trying to play a mean trick? In either case, we feel for her.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth says the woman was ready to stare her fear in the face when she climbed into the Stratosphere ride, while her friends stayed on the ground to watch.

“As soon as I got up there it was like a power outage and we were just stuck up there,” she said. “At first I thought,’Okay, maybe it just stops for a second.”

Instead, she and her fellow riders were left up there as crews tried to fix an electrical problem that was causing the problem. It wasn’t a fun time.

“I was getting really scared after an hour because I knew something was really wrong,” she said. “I was so scared it was just going to drop.”

To make matters worse, she couldn’t even talk to her friends, as she’d left her phone with her friends down below. She says she tried to stay calm throughout, even as others freaked out around her. Two hours later, workers managed to bring the ride down to the ground manually. But now it’s too late for dispelling fears — the woman says she’s even more afraid of heights now.

Stranded Rider Was Trying To Conquer Fear Of Heights At State Fair [CBS Dallas-Fort Worth]

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