We Couldn’t Be Happier That Will Ferrell Has Taken His Old Milwaukee Ads To Sweden

Because Will Ferrell himself is an inexplicable bundle of comedic joy, we aren’t even going to attempt to understand or explain why he’s taken his Old Milwaukee ad campaign from Davenport, Iowa to Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedes like beer and comedy, right? So why not. But we’re really happy he did it because the results are, as per usual, hilarious.

To follow up his commercials in Iowa, Terra Haute, Ind. and Milwaukee itself, Ferrell headed across the pond to dish out some Old Milwaukee love as only he knows how.

For example, making fart jokes (in English), riding a bike in dizzying circles only to proffer an Old Milwaukee tagline (in Swedish) and in our favorite, take to the open water with a buxom blonde and announce (in Swedish): “This is my boat. This is my woman. And this is my beer. Old Milwaukee. It’s all right.”

It is definitely all right, Will. After all, he’s the one who approached Old Milwaukee about doing this spots in the first place, so might as well make them awesome, right?

Catch a few of the spots below:

*Thanks for the tip, Luke!

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Campaign Gets Even Weirder [Slate]

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