Don’t Know How To Create A Pat Of Butter? Help Is Here

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Sure. You could take a stick of butter out of your fridge and cut a small slice off with a knife to butter your food. If you’re cooking and need to measure out a specific portion of butter, you could use a very sharp knife and follow the guide lines on the wrapper. Or you could buy a Butter Cutter, the device that cuts a perfectly-sized pat of butter for you without dirtying a knife or having to measure.

The amazing thing about the Butter Cutter isn’t that it was invented in the first place, or that it looks like a design that has remained unchanged since 1972. No, it’s that customers love it and find it spectacularly useful.

One Amazon reviewer thought that it was silly, but came around:

This is one of those things one doesn’t really need, but when you start using it you really appreciate. When someone gave it to me I thought, oh, well, this thing is going to break after just one use. I was wrong. It’s still working perfectly well and we use it most days. Love the one hand operation.

One-handed operation makes it convenient for customers with limited use of their hands, or who have only one hand. “I have given my mother one and she loves it to due to her arthritis flare ups,” writes another reviewer.

Another reviewer complains that a standard stick of butter doesn’t fit in the plastic compartment. We feel her pain.

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One Click Stick Butter Cutter with Stainless Steel Blade (via The Worst Things For Sale)

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