T.G.I. Friday’s Customer Attempts To Pick Up Waiter With Quite A Subtle, Classy Line

Could you be more clear, please?

When you spot someone in your sights that makes your insides go fluttery and your heart speed up, you know you’ve got to pull out all the stops to get their attention. Even if you’re just another customer at a T.G.I. Friday’s hoping to catch the eye of a waiter you fancy, what’s a girl to do but liken herself to a pair of well-made eyeglasses?

Redditor rubbadubba posted this bit of flirtation by way of receipt, noting that the note was left for a male waiter.

So like, what exactly is she trying to say here? Could it be that she has been looking for a new career as a pair of glasses and thinks he could benefit by her being situated thusly on his person? Or could she be like Thumbelina and therefore would like to make his face her new tiny abode?

It’s just so subtle, I can’t figure out what she’s getting at.

This was left on a receipt for a male waiter at TGI Friday’s [Reddit]

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