Trigger-Happy Restaurant Owner Definitely Does Not Think The Customer Is Always Right

Disputes with customers are common, sure — disagreements about the quality of meals or service are bound to happen in any restaurant setting. But police say the owner of one eatery took an argument with two customers a step too far when he fired a gun at their vehicle as they left the restaurant. Somewhat of an overreaction, no?

Police in Winter Park Village, Fla. say the two customers argued with the owner of a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar over the bill and everything went downhill from there. They say they weren’t happy with their food, and while one man paid, the other didn’t because he didn’t want to pay for food he didn’t eat. Ostensibly, he wasn’t not eating because he was full, but rather objected to its quality.

“I never expected that I would receive that type of treatment because I complained about a meal; that my life would be put in danger,” one of the men told WTSP News. “They begin harrassing us and cussing at us and telling us to leave their restaurant and when we got in the car to leave, they began beating the car and then they shot at the car.”

And yup, news footage shows there is indeed, a bullet hole in the car’s bumper.

The owner told police he was only firing because he thought the customers were trying to run him over with their car on the way out. That reason didn’t fly, and cops arrested the owner and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and another employee with criminal mischief.

Restaurant owner shoots at customer over bill [WTSP News]

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